The Perfect Property

I had been searching for the perfect property, a family investment for over 4 months, but I was just not finding what met my needs, feeling discouraged with my search, I was about to take a break and look into other markets, and then I met Jessyka Soto of David Lyng Real Estate.
Jessyka was able to listen and understand my specific goals for this very important investment. The request was simple, find a place that will: provided a good return, is within 4 blocks of the beach, breweries, coffee, pizza, organic groceries, public transit, hiking/ biking trails, surf, and…is an ecologically sensitive building with no structural issues... Easy right!
Jessyka Soto accepted the challenge dug in and identified several properties that were a good fit. Jessyka worked long hours every day, answered my all questions precisely with a smile, showed me properties that were not on the market listing, and got me out of deals that were not a perfect fit! Jessyka worked through tough situations with grace, patience, and ease.
Once we identified the perfect property that fit all my criteria, Jessyka was still on duty working all hours of the day and night to facilitate this very important investment with clarity and minimal stress. When it comes to realtors, Jessyka Soto raises the bar!
My advice is: If you’re looking for a quality property, make sure you have Jessyka Soto on your team, and you will get what you desire… a real estate agent that works for you and a property that does too!
Dave F